I need eyeglasses, exactly glasses.

There is a multitude of glasses in the modern world, like near-sighted glasses, sunglasses, presbyopic glasses, or others in function. Also, they can be put into categories by material, such as glasses made in the mirror, resin, or Perspex. And, in exterior, they can be sorted into three kinds as well, which are full-frame glasses, half-frame glasses, and rimless glasses. As a student, especially in China, I need eyeglasses, exactly glasses.

When I was a child, I saw fellow students wearing glasses and I would say “WOW, that’s beautiful.” In truth, I admired them, especially for their pretty glasses. Sometimes I wish that I would wear a pair of prescription glasses. However, when I told my idea to my parents, they smile at me and say:” Every coin has two sides. When you made your wish, and then you will find that actually there are many disadvantages. Even one day, you really wear glasses; we believe that you will not feel happy anymore. Even though, I was still suspicious about their words.

Now, I wore a pair of near-sighted glasses, but I really won’t feel happy to do anymore. Compared to the glasses in my childhood, there are more kinds of glasses for me to choose from, full or half glasses or rimless glasses and so on. They are complicated tailoring and beautiful themselves. But I would never feel happy as the child who judges a thing just by appearance. At present, I can wear any kind of glasses to show me, but I lose my “eyes”, ever. I will never see the world straight through my own eyes. Instead, I use a pair of glasses which I thought could make me more beautiful. In fact, I could see my eyes have changed, not more beautiful, but to the opposite when I looked into the mirror. Not only that, my eyes feel tired easily when I watch books for the same time as usual. When it rained, the glasses would also be inconvenient. So, I feel regretful now.

When I was a child, I chased after the glasses and as opposed to them, when I grow up, the glasses chased after me. On the whole, whatever you do, please remember the saying: every coin has two sides. Life is just like glasses.