I love my glasses forever!

When I was young, I had a bad memory of glasses. On wearing glasses, my classmates always called me the “Elliott”. They often took my glasses away, so I could not see anything clearly. Every day liked that. So I threw my stupid glasses away. The following days were painful. I couldn’t read the small print and I couldn’t see everyone’s face. In a word, everything was a blur without my stupid glasses. What’s worse, I started moving in reserve on my studies because I was not able to focus on my eyes on the blackboard. I thought I just fell on evil days! I told myself that I hate glasses forever!
My father smelled out my mad mind and only gave me a small box on my birthday. I could not help myself opening it——there were only one smaller box and a piece of paper. I picked the paper up with all words on it:

My dear daughter:
I should apologize first for I didn’t pay much attention to your eyesight and lead you to wear glasses just like me.
I know you threw your glasses away 2 weeks ago. But I didn’t prevent you to do so. All I want is to let you know that it’s not a bad choice to wear glasses. You know, as we are shortsighted, we need to wear glasses to correct visual acuity. I wonder how you felt without your “stupid” glasses during the 2 weeks. I think you have learned well.

My sweet girl, next I’d like to tell you a story of myself. When I was a teenager, I was shy and introverted. I was even afraid of talking to girls. When I found myself a little shortsighted, I wore a pair of glasses without hesitation. You may believe how stupid I was. To my surprise, I looked smarter than before. And some girls even admired me because I was just like a gentleman when I wore the glasses. Above all, till now, my eyesight hasn’t changed for so many years! I really want to say that: Thanks for my glasses!
So my little girl, don’t throw your “stupid” glasses away and pick them up! You will be a wonderful girl! And last but not least, happy birthday to you!

I could not say any word at that moment when I read the letter. Then I opened the boxed and just saw a new pair of glasses! I had never seen such a beautiful pair of glasses! I wore them and looked at myself in the mirror. Words fell me to describe the feeling when I saw myself. I had to say that my father’s words hit my heart. And I did need to change myself. Until now, I still have been wearing the glasses which I got on my birthday. On top of it, my eyesight hasn’t changed so far. I’d like to say, I love my glasses forever!