I love eyeglasses

Once thinking of glasses, it came to me that a story between it and I could date back to my childhood.

At an early age, which seemed to be in my fourth year at primary school? Because of some complex reasons, which might be my overmatching TV or improper use of eyes, ultimately nearsightedness came to my life. It was such a sudden that I didn’t have time to prepare for it. At that time, to be honest, admitted it was not a good thing at all. My parents always complained about my eyesight:” When I was the same age as you, my eyesight was good. So far, it was still good. How about you? I can expect your eyes to be better. And I can’t imagine how bad your eyes will be?”Whenever I heard this, I was very sad. Not only did the words harm me, but the nearsightedness resulted in much inconvenience in my study and my life. As a consequence, I dreamed to have a pair of glasses to change this. But my parents didn’t agree with me.

Two years later, after all my parents agreed to buy a pair of glasses for me when I was in grade six. I was pretty happy; at length, I had a pair of prescription eyeglasses of my own. It could give me a new lifestyle for me to experience. Unfortunately, the story didn’t develop as I expected. Although I had a pair of glasses, I couldn’t wear them. You perhaps be puzzled and asked me:” Why didn’t you wear it since you had it, which seemed to make it convenient for you?”

Then, you can imagine a scene, where no students but only a boy wear glasses; so many students treat him just as a monster. They play jokes about him just because of his glasses which they think shouldn’t appear on a people’s face at least for a student at the same age with them. It seems incredible, but the reality is that it is true. I feel sorry to tell you I was just the little boy. I couldn’t stand the strange eyes of others. I couldn’t promise that I would be how successful with the glasses’ that time, pressure forbade me to anything. After all, I was so young. On the other hand, to maintain my ‘face’. So, it was a time I had to desert my glasses.

Then I went to a junior school, where glasses were easy to be understood. For me, spring came. I could just wear my glasses without caring about those strange eyes of others. With it, I found many things easier. I can clearly see the words, images, charms on the blackboard. I can clearly see the people when he comes up to me, I can give my greetings to hen in time. In brief, my world seems clear to me and my life seems easier for me.

Up to now, I have changed my glasses twice. It keeps me companied for six years at least. During the period, I care about it, and it scares me in turn. When I study, I wear it. When I walk, I wear it. When I’m happy, I wear it. When I’m in tears, I still wear it. I’m amazed to find that no matter I’m happy or upset; it accompanies me without a word. As far as I’m concerned, it has become part of my body and life. Not only does it give me convenience, but also it gives me a kind of great decoration for my face. I have a strong desire that if I can set a limit to the time for glasses and me, I expect it to be my lifetime.

Now, I want to speak loudly:” I love glasses, and it loves me certainly. We’re sincere friends who experience joy and sorrow together. We are a whole, which can’t be separated.”

This memory is simple but deep.