I like wearing glasses

There are two kinds of glasses I have known. Sunglasses are one and myopic-sight glasses are another.

When I was young, I was exhausted that why so many people wear glasses. As time goes by, I gradually know the reason.

In the new century, people don’t pay enough attention to the protection of their eyes. Bad reading habit or staying up too late is just the cause of short-sight. Most of the people are students and youth.

Also when people grow old, their laws become prominent, so to correct their sight, they have to wear long-sight glasses. The purpose of people’s wearing short-sight or long-sight glasses is to adapt to their lives. This just means their living needs.

At the same time, there is another glass. Today more and more people wear it. It is sunglasses. In my opinion, there are two aims that people wear sunglasses. In summer, the sun shines strongly; people may not be able to open their eyes. So they choose to wear prescription sunglasses. This will help them to see the world much more easily. Also, wearing sunglasses is much cool; this is just the other reason.

Before I enter middle school, I live a happy life, but when I was a middle school student, I become short-sighted due to my bad reading habit. At first, I didn’t realize much discomfort, but as my glasses degrees increased, problems came out. When I take off my glasses, I can’t see the rounding’s clearly. What I can touch is a fuzzy environment. When I see people not wearing glasses, I envy them that they have no pain of having a beautiful world and healthy eyes. They can be cool, but when I wear sunglasses, I can’t see clearly. Why?God, this not fair to me! One day, I accidentally see a sort of glasses, a mix of short-sight glasses and sunglasses. Oh, yeah! This is just what I need! At that time, I realized this world is so beautiful.

From that time, I realized that I like wearing glasses. I can’t live without my glasses!