I have wearied the eyeglasses for almost nine years

I have wearied the glasses for almost nine years. That’s so long that I always forget that they’re only things that help me to see clearly. During the daytime, I wear glasses and accomplish tasks with them, so I treat them as a part of my body. I find myself in glasses only when I go to sleep and have to take them down. I’m accustomed to them and sometimes I even forget to take eyeglasses down when I wash my face.

Although glasses assist me a lot, they bring me much inconvenience as well. The sight would turn vague when the steam meats the cold glass so I can’t see anything well when I appreciate delicious food or have a bath. The worst of all, you can’t enjoy sports. If you are in your glasses, it’s more likely to break your glasses and then you can’t see well, but if you are not, you can hardly see the people around you. Many of my friends lose their beloved glasses after they play basketball. By the way, playing sports in glasses is very dangerous because it may hurt your eyes in case the glass is broken. In a word, a pair of glasses is also a potential danger.

Luckily I have learned to get along well with the eyeglasses through the years. I remember that there were a few people in glasses when I was in primary school and I hesitate because it would change my appearance. As years went by, more and more people wear glasses and I gradually accept the glasses before my eyes. By now, I have owned four pairs of glasses. Through the shapes of them, I can see the development of the technique and people’s appreciation of beauty. Nowadays, people regard glasses not only as a tool but also a fashion adornment. Many young people wear exaggerated glasses to show their personalities. I also like fashionable glasses and I think this trend will control my purchase.

As a people who have undergone the years with glasses, I am thankful for my friends, glass, but I also hope that the children in schools can take care of your eyes. Don’t play too many computer games and have a proper rest after reading books for a long time. Never too old to learn, never too late to turn.

At last, I will show my respect for the glasses that severed me ever. They stay around to help me no matter it is raining or windy and never leave me alone. They lie beside me when I sleep so I have sweet dreams every day. In general, not a single word can express my thanks. God will bless us!