I have had many pairs of glasses

When it comes to glasses, I have a long story to say. In reality, it is almost eight years since I wore glasses, that is to say, glasses have companied me for a very long time. I still remember that at twelve, I was addicted to TV programs and computer games. As a consequence, my sight became weaker and weaker and I was afraid of being blind as a child. What’s worse, my parents were very serious with me that I have no courage to tell them my situation. I was depressed all day. My study was also weaker. Until one day, my mother found the situation that I can not see the world clearly. I had no choice but, to tell the truth. Fortunately, they didn’t blame me. After that, I owned a pair of glasses of my own.

In the beginning, as far as I’m concerned, I was very lucky to make acquaintances with glasses. As a child, I was so crazy about the transparent little thing. They were so peculiar that I liked them very much. I’m very excited when I wore my glasses. I regarded the eyeglasses as my great joys and I enjoyed every day with my pair of glasses.

However, as the degrees of my glasses were becoming larger. I began to be fed up with glasses. I referred to the glasses as my heavy burden because of lots of reasons. For example, when I was running or even taking part in an active activity, I must keep it from dropping. If not, I might play jokes with myself which meant to cause concern for my classmates. Worse still, I can’t get rid of glasses even for a while. I was so terrible and my sole desire was to return me good sight at that time. On that occasion, I treated my glasses as if they were my enemies.

As eight years have gone by, I have had many pairs of glasses and I’m used to wearing glasses that as if it has a little side effect on my life. On the contrary, I consider that it has become an obbligato part of my life for that it helps me to see the world and the people around me clearly. For instance, once I forgot to wear the glasses that I blundered into the wrong room. Moreover, Glasses have spread my horizon and make me more confident in everything. I think that if I can see it clearly, I can make it better. And now I think the glasses as my close friend

Throughout the journey, my glasses have companied me all of my days. Thank you for your company. Wish us a good journey!