I have been with glasses for four years

I have been myopic for four years, and now I couldn’t see anything clearly without my glasses.

In fact, as I was young, my parents often asked me to stay away from the TV and go out playing instead of reading books to protect my eyes. However, with the increase in my homework, I had to stay up and read books for a long time continuously. As a result, when I was fifteen, I couldn’t see the blackboard clearly and got my first glasses. At first, I thought it is interesting and unique to wear glasses and regarded them as beautiful decorations. However, after several months, I found my eyes out of shape and anything would be very difficult if I hadn’t worn my prescription eyeglasses. From that time, I started to regret not having taken good care of my eyes. Even though I tried to protect my eyes, yet it was too late for me to realize that and my myopia became more and more serious. Now glasses have been my necessities.

As a matter of fact, the glasses have really caused many troubles for me. I was a careless girl and I often forgot to wear my glasses. It is really suffering that I couldn’t see what the teacher had written on the blackboard during the whole day. When I wanted to wash my face, I had to find a safe place for the glasses in case that they might be broken by some careless guys. What’s more, I couldn’t see anything clearly when I entered a warm room from the outside in winter.

There has been a long time during which I hated the glasses very much. However, with the time going, I realized that it was no use rejecting glasses. Whatever I did, I couldn’t change the fact that I had to wear them every day. So I decided to change my attitude.

I tried to make glasses to be my decorations. I selected my glass frames carefully. The color, the shape, and the style were all taken into consideration. I also changed glass frames frequently so that I can enjoy different styles. After I entered the university, I started to consider contact lenses that are more convenient and beautiful. They gave me a chance to look at the world clearly “without” glasses.

I have been with glasses for four years and it seems that we’ll be together for a much longer time. As I have said, whether I like them or not, I have to wear them. Now I have got several glasses and some of them are very unique and lovely. When I wear them, they are regarded as my decorations instead of ordinary and stiff glasses. I can still say that I can’t leave them because I really don’t know what can be used to hide my black eye sockets within a few seconds except my glasses.