I had to wear a pair of glasses

I was addicted to TV series and computer games when I was twelve years old. My mother educated me to quit it much time, but I just did it as usual. As a consequence, my eyesight declined day by day. As I didn’t want to wear a pair of ugly and thick glasses, what’s more, I was afraid of my mother’s “lecture”. So I decided to conceal the fact that I was short-sighted by my parents. But gradually I found it harder and harder to figure out the people’s faces and the words on the blackboard which even lower my efficiency. Some day I found it really difficult to catch up with the teacher for I couldn’t see the words clear; I had to tell my mother the truth. My mother took me to the hospital in a hurry. To our surprise, the examination result showed that I should wear the glasses for 180 degrees. Worse still, the doctor said that I had missed the best time to adjust my eyesight, cause pseudo myopia had transformed into true myopia. Eventually, I had to wear a pair of glasses. As we all know, your eyes are hard to protect once you are short-sighted. How foolish was I to hide the truth when the thing has happened.

There many things that we don’t expect to happen just happen. Most of us choose to ignore them as if the thing will pass by doing that. We can indeed feel all right for some time, but the thing will just be worse and worse if we put them aside instead of deal with them.

That negative attitude not only affects our life, sometimes even gives rise to great tragedies. Just like the emperor in the Qing dynasty, he thinks of China as the strongest country in the world. When he saw the new inventions from the eastern countries, he just went on his daydream and refused to import the new equipment and study the latest technology. So it’s no wonder that the Qing dynasty died out at last.

When unexpected things happen, there’s nothing we can do but face them rationally, analyze them scientifically and think about the way to deal with it. That’s the best and the only way to solve the problem. As the saying goes, It’s never too late to mend the hole, we should take action once the problem arises.