I don’t think my eyeglasses are troublesome

To take down this essay about my glasses always hanging in front of my eyes, I put off them and have a close watch: they have peeled off most paint, they are not so clean and the green rust is glaring. They have accompanied me for about three years. We keep many secrets.

When I was only 10 years old, I found things in my sight vague. Mom took me to a doctor, I was then tremendously scared, and refused a pair of prescription glasses after being diagnosed near sight. For one thing, I felt sick when wearing them, for another, also the more what I cared about, I was afraid it would be other children’s laughing stock… Several days later, Mom brought me a pair of reading glasses, which she said I could wear at home some times a day and that my eyes would heal. I was initially very happy and curious, but a few weeks later I got tired of it and gave up.

About two years later, I had a classmate who really wore his eyeglasses at school. As I could expect, everyone laughed at him and played jokes on the glasses. He was even called “Four Eyes Bro.” for fun. I did not make fun of him. Because instead of any better my eyes became even worse, this “Four eyes Bro.” just responded to all these jokes with a pure smile. He even did not feel any kind of shy or awkward.

Now, I admit there are so many “Four eyes Bro.” or “Sis” among my old classmates including myself. However, I find him the initial “Four eyes Bro.” a “common” guy.

So, my Bro. the glasses, forgive me for not trusting and disgusting you. And I also want to tell you, my young friends, if you have trouble seeing things clearly, please let the friend glasses help you.

Now, I should always take my glasses along me until my eyes turn old and become far-sighted. Then I find an interesting thing. In my daily life, I always confront such a choice where I choose to see things clearly or vaguely. For instance, in my class, I of course should read the words on the blackboard whole and exact. But sometimes in the park, I don’t want to see through every flower, I‘d just love to feel the atmosphere and the colorful background. Very often, I will walk in the woods or between the farmland, enjoying the splendid sunset. At that time, I will take off my glasses, and I will in turn find the world more clear and beautiful. Then I scarcely close my eyes, and let the scenes leak into the eyes and memories flow in the mind…

I don’t think my glasses are troublesome; rather, I regard them as my friends. And I find so much fun in them.