I can watch the world thought glasses

Since many people in society are short-sighted, glasses are very important. Similarly, glasses are a necessity for me.

What has to be said is that the study and work every day really do great damage to my eyes: I have classes all day long, and after class, I also have to keep on the study. Besides, I often sit in front of my computer, making programs or playing games in the evening in a dark room, with a small din light beside me. All of these are ruining my eyes, which will make my myopia more serious.

So in my opinion, a good, comfortable pair of glasses is very important to me. Without it, I can not see things far away; without it, there will be more difficult in my life. As the doctor told me, the glasses can protect my eyes, which is the most important function.

What’s more, I believe that a pair of glasses also can make a person look well. For example, a woman wearing glasses may be more feminine, a young man who wears a pair may be cool. My mother said that when I put on the glasses, I become more handsome and be like an undergraduate.

I remember that my first time wearing the glasses was when I studied in my junior high school. At first, I don’t want to wear it at all, for at that time nearly nobody wore it. But it was so funny that it becomes popular because the pair I wore was fashionable. Many classmates, who had myopia, asked their parents to buy glasses for them. Now when I thought of this I still felt fun.

After that, glasses become a part of my life. As our society developed, eyeglasses in different styles had been on-sold. The material of glasses is improved, too. People have more choices. Till now, I had changed several pairs of glasses. But I love the pair I wear now, for I like its color and its style. The spectacle frame was made from metal, but it is very light. And it is comfortable, too.

I can’t deny that glasses will keep company with me all my life. Sometimes I think: I can watch the world through glasses, then if I can see the world more clearly?