I am more and more elegant when I was wearing glasses

Everyone who had watched would remember the cool guy with glasses. I have a pair of glasses, too.

My glasses have been accompanied me for more than four years. At first, I was so regretful and unhappy. I was sad when I was finding that I can not see the outside world clearly without this ugly pair of glasses. I would lose my bright eyes, and can never get rid of glasses. But now I do not think so. I really like the feeling both out and in glasses.

When I took off my glasses, this world became gentle and the vision became blurred. Shrill sound disappeared and sweet sound instead of it. The sun is just like a big flower of orange and the cloud is like cotton candy. Everyone’s face was covered with soft light. The whole world is just like a velvet pillow, let me lose myself in it and never want to get out. I am deep sleep inside; enjoy the peace that full of my heart. Everything has become so wonderful.

When I put on my glasses, the world is clear to me. I can find the different green among different tree leave. I can count the number of slender dark green swayed water plants exactly. I can catch sight of the cat with a pleased expression on its face after it ate a fish at the corner. I can see the flush fly on a young girl’s cheek when her boyfriend whispered. I can even catch the brightest sunshine before the sunset. I can gaze at every beautiful moment.

Two different experiences bring me different moods. I am really enjoying it. When I was hearing someone complained about their weak sight and glasses, I was so rejoicing that I do know the wonders of the unclear world and clearly world that my glasses give me.

When I was in bad mood, I would like to go out without my glasses. I can touch the soft wind and smell the light aroma from flowers, leaves, soil, and even the sunshine. Just then, I am understood that the world is beautiful. Then, my bad mood had gone with the wind.

I do not mean that my life can be better without my glasses. It is important because I almost can not do anything without it. It makes my vision clear. Also, I find that I am more and more elegant when I was wearing glasses.