I am confident to put on my glasses.

Glasses are transparent and can make me see the world better, but I feel sick when I wear my glasses for the first time.

When I put on the glasses for the first time, I could see the world clearly. In the morning, I went to school. At the bus station, I was happier for my good sight. I could even see the faces of the people across the street. It’s wonderful. Arriving at the school gate, someone I was familiar with just seemed not to see me and was cold for my smile. This didn’t give me a bad mood, I am positive in fact. Go on my way! In the math class, I answered the teacher’s question and felt a sense of achievement. When I sat down, I saw a classmate say to other students that I like to show off. Something attracted me again. After class, I wanted to breathe some fresh air, so I went out. What I saw! A tall boy played a joke on a freshman, and other boys laughed about it.

Why did these things happen on the same day? They occurred together by accident, or I really lived a fictitious life. I felt sick about my glasses. I took off it and threw it to that tallboy. I couldn’t know if I beat him, but I felt more comfortable. Then I found the light change soft. I used to enjoy it and to enjoy the world only belonging to me.

I couldn’t see others and things clearly without my prescription glasses, so I depended on my imagination. I thought everyone might smile at each other when they met. I thought students might take pride in others’ grades. I thought I lived in a peaceful school and a peaceful world. No quarrels and no conflicts.

I am silly enough. Yes, people existing in this world are different. Not everyone has the same lifestyle as me. But there is still a problem for me. How can I face the world? I need another pair of glasses. Something I don’t want to see can be filtered by them. But this concept I should give up. I have to be brave to face this true world. Though the world changed, I don’t change. My glasses show me what I must deal with because I have grown up.

I am confident to put on my glasses. I am brave to smile at everyone even I will be ignored. I answer the teacher’s question fluently. Father told me there are many kinds of people in this world. Someone will never get your floor, just forget them. And if I see something unfair, I will stop it. Differently, I won’t use my pair of glasses because I need them. I need it to see the world clearly to adjust myself and turn stronger in heart and then changing others’ concepts will be easier.