How many glasses I had have

I just can’t keep my glasses for a year!

The history between glasses and I came into being when I was only 11 years old. Like most peers, I had to suffer from the pain of wearing prescription glasses result of bad habits. I used to immerse myself in reading books in the bed and watching TV within three meters. Finally, my eyesight crashed down. I resorted to the glasses.

Unluckily, I can’t get well along with my glasses. There follows stories of my countless glasses, which have been told many times.

The first one—white, tiny, regular.

With kind of excitement, I wore them all the time wherever I went to. “I am more mature and learned with a pair of glasses,” I told myself. I am satisfied by the astonishment on my classmates’ faces. Actually, it was rare to see students wearing glasses at that time, which means that I’m a “pioneer”. The happy time did not last long, however. One day, I felt my eyes were uncomfortable after a long-time of glasses-wearing. Therefore, I took the glasses off and put them in the outside bag of my schoolbag, without a box. When I went home, I couldn’t find them anymore.

The second one—pink, nice-looking

I was not very disappointed about losing the first pair because my mother brought me another one soon, which was really nice. I did not wear them all the time, instead, I took them out only before class. You will be totally wrong if you think I protected them well this time, for I even didn’t have a regular box, I kept them in my pencil-box! The poor eyeglasses failed to bear the friction of pencils and out of work soon.

The third one—free of the framework, faddish

Strictly speaking, it was my fourth pair of glasses, because the second one was not abandoned after abrasion, its lens was changed and I kept using it for a period of time. Whatever there comes my another fresh new pair of glasses. Despite my parents’ fierce opposition, I brought a strange-looking one, which I called fashion. Learned by the experience, I protect it well and polish glasses frequently. Unfortunately, it was broken by one of my classmates. He hit it with a heavy bottle full of liquid by accident. My heart was broken in the meantime. He took it to be repaired as compensation. When he returns it, the glasses had turned out to be another looking and lost their charm. I used the ugly glasses till the end of that semester.

The fourth and fifth—looks like the third one

I missed the third one so much that I hoped to find the exactly-like one but with no luck. The fourth and fifth ones were both in the third one’s shape. The former was broken by two naughty boys in a fierce fight and the latter was broken by my father in a quarrel between us, no happy ending both.

The sixth one—regular

Realized I wasted too many glasses, my father brought me a cheap and regular one. And it was the one which I kept most long till now, nearly a year. Its resin-made lens became old after a year and I changed its lens several times before abandoning it.

I can’t remember how many glasses I had have, but I still change my glasses frequently. It was so strange, I just can’t keep my glasses for a year!