How Come I Have to Wear Eyeglasses Also?

As a little child in primary school, a pair of glasses was just so attractive to me that I even had it in my mind that one who was wearing glasses must be knowledgeable about a particular subject. I thought wearing glasses was so elegant and graceful that I desperately appreciated people who had a pair of glasses. And it’s also the same with some of my little companions. Once got together, with a tube of glue, some paper, and plastic materials, we would make pairs of “glasses”. Every time I went to my grandparents’ home with my parents, what I most like to do was wearing my grandfather’s old-fashioned glasses. But the glasses made me feel sick and I wanted a pair of glasses that were suitable for me.

What could I do to have my own glasses? Maybe the best way was to make myself short-sighted. However, both my parents have pretty good sight. Probably because of the advantage of genes, I also had good sight. To achieve my “dream”, I began to follow some bad habits to make myself short-sighted, such as reading in a dim room, studying, or watching TV for a long time without a breakā€¦

Although someone had told me again and again about how uncomfortable it was wearing glasses, I just ignored it and went ahead with my plan. I kept it secret from my parents and my parents didn’t care much about my mad actions as they had never thought that I would get short-sighted.

“No pains, no gains”. Finally, during the first year that I attended junior high school, I found it’s hard for me to see the words on the blackboard clearly. I came to realize the consequence of being short-sighted. And of course, I owned my first pair of glasses. From then on, I have changed several pairs of eyeglasses.

When we look back to our childhood, we may find things that seem so foolish and unbelievable to others, especially adults. But I think everything was possible when we were little children and we just made mistakes that were “suitable” for us to make. Maybe it’s the cost of growing up.