Harry Potter and his circled frame glasses

The glasses, also called spectacles, are frames bearing lenses worn in front of the eyes, which are frequently used to correct our vision and protect our eyes from ultraviolet rays. It goes without saying that it will be with us for a long time even forever, for spectacles are not only act as correctors or protectors but also accepted as fashionable accessories - for instance, sunglasses. As far as I am concerned, spectacles are just like friends companying us read and bringing us a clear world. Like most teenagers, I wear glasses as well. Though my sands sneak swiftly, I can still remember the first time we met, the first time we become acquainted, the first time I broke him, and the first time I considered him to be part of my identity. In different stages of my life, spectacles mean differently to me. Now, I would like to tell you the story about me and my glasses.

At an early age of my life, my family members seldom wore glasses. Thus, I didn’t have any chance to become aware of it until I noticed one when I was hanging out with my friends after school. Firstly, I considered it kind of weird but funny. I didn’t comprehend that why the man put a frame-bearing glass in front of his eyes. I guessed that it might have some mysterious function, such as enabling people to see through walls or emitting rays to burn anything he focused on. I whispered to my companions that if it did so, I would like to buy one to get a superpower. As my wish went, I got a pair of spectacles in the next 5 years for I suffered myopia and saw far away objects blurred. Then I finally experienced the so-called mysterious function. Originally, I felt great for the new equipment I had gotten. However, I was gradually aware that the myth bought me nothing but took my convenience away especially when I did sports. It is when I played basketball that I broke my glasses and it almost injured my eyes. Then, I was having my physical class, everyone includes me was playing basketball fiercely. When I was intending to shoot, one of my classmates jumped towards me and it seemed that he was going to defend against my attack, which is so unexpected that I could scarcely ward off and my right eye was hit by his elbow. Simultaneously, the glasses broke into pieces and one of them cut my brow, merely one or two centimeters to my eye! Everyone was scared badly looking at my bleeding face. Later, I was taken to the hospital. From then on, I take off my glasses before doing sports.

Saying goodbye to my teachers and family, going away from my lovely hometown, I rushed into this strange city, stepped into this tremendous campus. I was, of course, in high spirits of people’s behavior. As far as I am concerned, the majorities care more about their appearance, and some might form a unique style of their own as well. Spectacles, no doubt, are as essential as the clothing you wear, especially when you are dating or attending a meeting. With me, it should meet my present status - student, which is a symbol of young, aggressive, and active. Thus, my glasses are neither exaggerated as those on stages nor stereotype as those on the elderly faces. In this day and age, eyeglasses do become a crucial part of my life and I can even say that I cannot be in this world as a normal one without my glasses!

Typical of glasses wearer of the famous is Harry Potter. Of the millions who love Harry Potter’s stories, how many people will say that the circled-frame-glasses fail to fascinate them? My glasses weigh a few grams but mean a thousand tons for me. Sometimes, he is a philosopher showing me how this world rotates. Sometimes, he is an instructor urging me to complete my tasks. And the other time, he is my friend companying me to paradise. The relevance of my eyeglasses and me, I wish, will someday outweigh that of Harry Potter and his circled-frame-glasses.