Grandpa’s Glasses

When it comes to the glasses, the view in my brain is the day when I wore my glasses for the first time. The glasses bring me a clearer world and it is convenient for me to see the blackboard since then. However, my glasses are not as powerful as the one that Sam’s grandpa wore in Transformers. In my opinion, the only one in the world which is on a par with it is my grandfather’s presbyopic glasses.

When I was a child, I was crazy about playing Chinese chess. It happened that my grandpa was one of the best players in our village at that time. Every day, you could see an old man with a pair of glasses starting at others playing chess at the corner. Meanwhile, the old man also played chess with other people but he always beat his opponents in a short time.

Yes! He is my grandfather.

Because of my curiosity about Chinese chess, every time I caught the sight of my grandpa, I would let him play with me. On the contrary, my grandpa didn’t like to play with me because I always retracted a move. Sometimes, he refused me with an excuse that he forgot to wear his glasses.

One day, after using too many sugary words, I successfully invited my grandfather to play chess with me. However, in the beginning, I failed in the first 4 chessboards and my grandfather could beat me even with no piece to lose. Through the glasses, I could see the complacent expression in his eyes. I was so angry and at that moment a good idea came to me. When my grandfather was drinking the tea, I replaced his presbyopic glasses with my eyeglasses. Owing to the similar appearance between my glasses with my grandpa’s one, he put it on as usual and went on playing chess with me. As expected, my grandpa lost the next 6 chessboards one by one just because of his lack of “power of glasses”. In the end, I won in the 10 chessboards. I was the only one who could beat my grandpa. Not only did I take it for pride, but also I was curious about my grandfather’s glasses. As far as I was concerned, the glasses did have some mysterious power and it could help my grandfather. So I put the presbyopic glasses on but there was nothing about it. Right now, I know it just can bring a clearer world for my grandfather just like my eyeglasses. And gradually the happy day became the deepest memory in my childhood.

Now, I enter the university and my grandfather passed away, I can’t play chess with him any longer. I miss him so much. Although time flies, it is evident to me that the memory is still there!