Glasses will stay around me in the later life

I met with glasses when I was a pupil which my elder brother, a pupil too, wore. In a child’s eyes, it was very strange to wear something like that, two huge pieces of glass covering half of his face, the reflected light often making it hard to see his eyes clearly. But I knew that the glasses could make it easier for my dear brother to see things clearly.

I get more and more familiar with glasses as I’m growing up for my brother has been wearing glasses since he mated with one pair. It seemed that he had got used to them, something always brought inconvenience to him. Just like other students, I was addicted to watching TV, each time for several hours. Also, other bad habits, such as reading lying on the bed, brought a pair of glasses to me.

Frankly say, I didn’t hate the glasses when I first wore them and maybe, more or less, liked them. Not only they made me no longer see the words on the blackboard vaguely, which was of great importance to all the students but also took some gentle and quiet to me little naughty junior middle school student.

Till now, I have been wearing glasses for almost eight years. In the years, I had ever broken a pair of glasses and changed several pairs as the short sight became worse. In the years, I’d ever had classes without glasses with anxiety. In the years, I always forgot to take them off before sleeping between classes, which made me pain and my glasses out of shape. Glasses accompanied me more than others did. Stop here, I don’t mean to express how much l love glasses and, of course, if I do, it seems like that I’m hypocritical. I just want to say, my glasses are more than just an object that makes up my defect. They have been a kind of habit and something bearing my feelings and memories, something that has been part of me.

Obviously, I think I will never leave out glasses because of my awful vision. I envy the people who don’t have to wear glasses and I believe without them, my eyes can be more beautiful. Some people ever asked if I will have an operation on my eyes someday so that I can abandon the teethe answer was no, I just not wanting to. Perhaps that sounds contradictory. Just let it be.

Back to the real world, more and more students are becoming near-sighted these days for lots of reasons. I can’t imagine all of the next generation wearing glasses or contact lenses. After all, near-sightedness is a kind of illness and glasses are one medicine to some extend.

Glasses, something bearing complicated emotions, will stay around me in later life.