Glasses will be our friend and a good helper in all aspects of life

In the 13th century, many British people found they can’t see things very clearly just like years ago, and this leads them can’t read books very well. So the famous scientist Bacon wants to find a method to solve this problem. And he had made many experiments before he finally failed.

With time, the prototype of glasses appeared and people began to like this type of small object. Time in the 20th-century glasses has become very common to people. Glasses can not only help us see things more clearly but can also make us look cooler with some special type of glasses.

Many people of today like to wear sunglasses and I am also included. I think that sunglasses make me look more cool and deep. And I think that different colors of sunglasses represent different moods. With red sunglasses on your body, you just seem lively and you can also be very deep with black sunglasses.

But some think that with a pair of glasses they can’t be very convenient, so another special kind of glasses came to birth, which is called contact lenses. I also want to wear contact lenses, especially in the cold winter because they make me feel more cozy and convenient.

With the development of chemistry technology, the material of glasses has been promoted from the original glass and resin to crystal and PC of today, which make glasses more comfortable and rugged.

Some people think that with the development of technology glasses may disappear and become history, but I just don’t agree with that. I think many years later new type of glasses may be different from now. They will have more functions which can do more good to us. They can not only protect our eyes but also can cure some diseases such as eye syndrome. They can also be the monitor of our personal computer which can analyze the environment around us to protect us. So I believe that glasses will not only not go away but also play a more important role in our daily life of future, and they can be a good assist in our study and lives.

Just in a word, glasses will be our friend and a good helper in all aspects of life!