Glasses represent wise and clear sight

Long, long ago, nobody knew glasses. However, with the development of society, People invented glasses to make them look at the world clearly. So, I think the glasses are on the behalf of wise and clear.

I need a pair of glasses to recognize the World, to discover our Earth, which can make me look clear.

With this pair of glasses, I watch the beauty of nature. On the top of the mountain, I watch the stretch of mountains feeling the majestic momentum. From the time being, I watch the white cloud floating around me, just feeling I am flying in the sky.

With this pair of glasses, I see the beauty of nature. Standing beside the sea, I overlook the distance; the sky and the blue sea merge into a line in the distance. Some boats float in the sea leisurely. A couple of seagull plays with each other happily. How beautiful it is.
On the contrary, with these glasses, I also look at something bad. I see the expanding desert, the expanding deforestations. The development of our technology is based on the destruction of our homes.

With these glasses, I watch the dark sky, from plenty of chimneys, I watch black smoke. Our air is not clear anymore. Our sky is not blue anymore.

With these glasses, I watch the bare mountains. I watch the root of trees. I watch the scaring machine is cutting down the trees. The mountains are not green anymore. The land becomes deserts which were fruitful in the past. Our rivers are not clear anymore owing to the sewage mission.

With these glasses, I see our world. With these glasses, we need to take action to protect our planet.

The development of our technology should not be based on the environment. On one hand, we should develop in the right way; on the other hand, we should repair our environment, such as planting more trees, inventing new and environmental energy, cleaning the sewage. We should use our knowledge to protect Earth instead of destroying it.

Glasses represent wise and clear sight, use these glasses, we could recognize our planets deeply. Use glasses, we could see our mistake clearly. Use these glasses we can discover ourselves. Therefore not only people, but also we need a pair of glasses to rule us.