Glasses play an important role in people’s daily life

Directly related to people’s sense of sight,glasses play an important role in people’s daily life. Certainly, since I was a middle school student,glasses, have become more and more important. Finally, ,glasses just seem like my good friends,accompanying me all the time,whether I am sad or happy.

To tell the truths,the first time I met with them,I considered them as a fetter,what would limit my freedom and I abominated them very much. Now,the since where I first stepped into a glasses shop still appears before my eyes. I can clearly remember the fact that when I put on that new pair of eyeglasses,tears overflew my eyes. At that time,I felt so sad about my bad eyesight that I can’t help crying,which now seems meaningless and ridiculous. Just like meeting with a new person,at the beginning,, I felt uneasy with a pair of glasses on my nose.

Later,I began to adjust to my eyeglasses little by little,and I was aware of the benefits they brought to me. Thanks to their magic effects,I could have the access to a clearer world. So,I begin to change my attitude toward glasses,since they could bring me a multitude of convenience.

Once I took it for granted that my glasses should be always staying with me,and they would never leave me alone. However,owing to my carelessness,my eyeglasses were broken once and I had to change for a new pair. Since then,I have become careful,I should know how to take care of my things,including myself,not just depend on others. From glasses,I have learned a lot,and some are useful truths about life.

Now, ,my glasses accompany me all day long,looking just like my shadow. Also,I am now aware of the correct way of looking after glasses. Sometimes I feel that my glasses are not just an ordinary pair of glasses,they play the role of close friends. When I feel sad and want to stay alone,they tend to follow me silently,watching but not disturbing me. I believe,true friends cannot do as devotedly as they do.

In the end, ,what I really want to explain is that,, in reality, ,everyone’s glasses are not just themselves. The moment they are bought by somebody,they become a part of that person’s life. They offer their master(or just friend)a once gone but now clear again world,and teach him or her what is correct、who is honest and how to do things smartly. In a word, ,glasses are just a mixture of friends、teachers、wise men.