Glasses is really a VIP in my life

Many people have loyal friends, so do I. During the last eight years, he has accompanied me all the time, except the sleeping time. He is small and light with two big transparent eyes, his name is glasses.

Glasses have many brothers and sisters, he is from a really big family. I have to admit that he with his popular is very popular among us because of their special ability.

There is no doubt that the naissance of glasses is great, and I’m lucky to meet him. When my eyesight had become poor and I couldn’t see anything clearly anymore, it is Glasses that made me able to see a clear world. And after his appearance, I can get the information on the blackboard again, I can clearly see the signs on both sides of the street again, I can easily and quickly read the book again, I can’t addition, some of his family members can also help little children rectify their eyesight or make the old clearly see the close things. Generally speaking, glasses make my normal life resumed, especially my study life.

No one is perfect in the world. Like everybody else, glasses have not only his strong suits but also some shortcomings. Since I am a student, Glasses are really an important friend to me. But when it comes to daily life, he really brings much inconvenience to me. For instance, when I am with him, I look idiotic or bookish, which influents other’s first impression of me; When I am doing some ball sports, to see the ball clearly, I must take him with me, which really reduce my flexibility; What’s more Glasses brings me many limitations, with him, I can’t go to a military school, choose some special major in my university or get some ideal jobs, which is really a pity. In a word, Glasses restricts my various activities and work in daily life.

Although Glasses has those shortcomings, I still am grateful to him for these years’ company, and I have already adapted to living with him. Above all, no one else can help me see a clear world, only Glasses can do it. I have to say, Glasses is really a so-called VIP of my life, the person I can’t lose!