Glasses is a good servant but not a good master

It was a sunny day when a pair of odd things stirred my curiosity. What’s that shining brightly in the sunshine? Greatly inspired by the rainbow-like light reflected by the lens,I tried it on gingerly.

Nevertheless, it was at that moment that my father stopped me, speaking meaningfully, “honey, this is a Pandora’s Box, do your best endeavors not to uncover it.” After that, dad silently shook his head, pushed his so-called “glasses” up the bridge of his nose, and went back to reading the paper. Frankly speaking, I was too young to catch the words, but as a loyal follower of my father, I just took in his advice.

With time going on, an increasing number of my classmates had been wearing glasses. It seemed to me that different styles of glasses show different characteristics of a person… Black frames made one look fashionable. The half-rimless contributed to an intellectual look, while the rimless indicated elegance and gentle. It might sound a little bit ridiculous, but now I’d like to be as fashionable as they were in glasses at that time!

During the summer holiday when I ended up the fight with the college entrance examination, I naturally slacked off my will to fight, All that I had been doing was being a mouse potato from day to night indulging myself in the colorful cyberspace. I nearly bothered to eat, not to mention doing exercises. As a direct consequence of such an unhealthy lifestyle, I found myself having sore eyes. What’s worse, all the words written on the blackboard seemed like hieroglyphic to me because I could hardly figure out the shapes of all letters!

Pandora finally put a hex on me-glasses have become an indispensable part of my life. The heavy burden laid on the bridge of my nose almost drove me crazy. It’s no wonder that I could not resist the allurement of contact lens which pop singer Wangfei was wearing in this year’s spring festival evening gala. Whereas, the bad news was that the inflammation of my cornea caused watery painful eyes and blurred vision. Worse still, if it is not dealt with properly, as my doctor said: it might even lead to blindness. What a terrifying scene! The mere thought stroke terror into me.

Today, I can grasp my father’s words which laid great emphasis on the significance of good eyesight: Glasses is a good servant but not a good master. It does help enhance our eyesight while bringing about lots of inconveniences for us. For the majority of people, owning healthy eyes is a luxury, and we shall value this priceless treasure.