Glasses Help Us Became Friends

“Glasses” is not usually what we the glasses we wear. Glasses are a boy, one of my best friends. Because he took oversized black-rimmed glasses, seems silly, like a frog, we used to call him Glasses.

What I want to say is the story about how Glasses and We became friends.

We were still in primary school and Glasses was poor at study. However, we were desk mates. I was looked down on those who score badly very much. Naturally, I did not take him in my eyes. But one thing he made me feel ashamed of.

That day, I forgot to bring the “Nature” book, and I can only be cheeky to read a single book together with him. However, the stubborn Natural teacher noticed us, he seriously asked: “Who did not bring the book?” I was quite frightened, and there will be problems that will fine students asked for copybook, I guessed I was doomed, and just dared not acknowledge. Heart in addition to embarrassing, more was the image of my good students suffered. At that time, a small heart grew more and more afraid, more frightened of the more afraid to admit. Fear filled my heart, my heartbeat accelerates, then I really wanted to dig a hole drilling.

Suddenly, the glasses talking, “It’s me.” I looked at him in surprise, he replies with a friendly smile. I was moved and speechless, as I felt ashamed of the attitude to him. The results of his class in copying and transcribing, I have copied together with him. Although a little tired, we all felt that it was worth it.

I changed the prejudice against him and truly treated him as a friend. Sometimes I took his big eyeglasses as a joke. As a friend, I feel obliged to help him. I started helping him in learning. I found that Glasses actually very clever, but addicted to playing. Good little tips could change him. Quickly, he performed well.

We have been best friends from then on.