Glasses have been my faithful companion

Glasses have been my faithful companion. When I get up in the morning, what I have got to do first is to seek the glasses. When it comes to going to bed, the last is to take off the glasses. It seems to me that glasses have been an essential thing for students.

However, not only have glasses brought clarity to me, but also they have made lots of trouble for me. The merits of glasses do not need to describe as it is well known to us all. No one could have failed to notice the fact that the invention of glasses is nothing but an excellent feat, which can be compared with the invention of money, if possible. On the other hand, glasses surely make me embarrassed sometimes. For instance, when at middle school, I was not admitted to the school basketball team because I wear glasses. Besides, I lost the opportunity to play at the volleyball team close at hand in high school. Worse still, even if I come to the university, I didn’t have the freedom to jump at the five-meter diving platform. Let alone the bother in trivial life.

But who is to blame for all these inconveniences, the glasses or me? Let’s hear what the glasses say first. Like a pair of glasses, there is nothing more painful than lying on the bridge of teenagers’ noses. I prefer to ruin myself as I definitely know as long as the youth take on me, they will keep the nickname-“four eyes” for all their lifetime. However, the contradiction is that I should refract light to make teenagers see more clearly. Especially when a result good student wears me, I don’t know whether I should be excited for helping the hard-working student watch the blackboard or worry about the fact that he will take on me from the cradle to the grave and that I will get him into trouble from time to time.

Still, like eyeglasses, I doubt that why so many students make a long arm to take on me while they obviously understand the importance of protecting their eyes. Maybe they have the belief that wearing me can make them seem knowledgeable as well as degage and that playing the computer games for one more hour will make no difference to their eyes.

Ladies and gentlemen, what occurs to you when you see the varied glasses on the primary school students’ desk? Is this the logo of 21 century? Are glasses essential for the elites of the country? The answer is absolutely not. If every elite of China took on a pair of glasses, how can this country see the world clearly?

After hearing the glasses’ statement, I catch on to the fact that it is me rather than the glasses that are to blame. As the future of our country, let’s make protecting our eyes into action. Only in this way, can we avoid so many inconveniences and make the window of our soul bright and pure.

Never allow glasses to block the fresh air into your window of soul!