Glasses Have Been A Necessary Part In My Life

Nowadays, glasses are very usual. We can find that most of the people around us wear glasses. I have worn glasses for about 7 years. Glasses have been a necessary part of my life. It’s hard to imagine what may happen if I live without glasses. Perhaps it is just because glasses are too close to me that I haven’t thought about it too much. But now, after deep thinking, I find that I have a lot of things to talk about.

On one hand, glasses are very important for me. I’m a university student, so I have a lot of work to do every day. If there is one on glasses, maybe I can’t live anymore. In the class, I need them to see what teachers write. In the restaurant, I need them to see the price of the food that I want to buy. And even in some emergency, I need them to make sure whether I enter the correct toilet. From the glass, I can see the world clearly without much effort. So glasses are very necessary to me.

On the other hand, glasses also bring me inconvenience and pain. Sometimes when I play basketball, my glasses are easy to be broken, and hurt myself. Every day, I need to wear them and can’t put them down. They hurt my nose. When the glass is broken, it will be very dangerous. And after a long time of wearing glasses, my eyes are very painful. In fact, I’m not very willing to wear them but I have to. Glasses give me much inconvenience.

So, glasses are a double-blade sword. They can help us to see more things and to understand the world more clearly, but they also bring inconvenience to us and hurt us. If we want to see the world, we have to undergo suffering.

I think that, in fact, everyone wears a pair of eyeglasses. Perhaps they don’t notice it. We usually have something like glasses. It can both bring benefit and damage to us. We don’t want to use them but we have no choice. The industry is a kind of ‘glasses’. People need it to develop the country, but the more we develop our industry, the worse our world will be. We can not live without the industry just like that I can not live without glasses. We need them though they cause damage to us.

Comparing the advantage and the disadvantage that glasses bring to me, I think glasses are still necessary to me. I need its power so I have to endure the pain. It’s fair. What I can do is try to prevent my eyes from getting worse and enjoy the beautiful world that glasses bring to me.