Glasses have become one part of my life.

Nowadays, it is a trend that a growing number of students are wearing glasses, even some primary students. And I am no exception.

As well as most of my classmates, when I entered senior school, I could not see the blackboard clearly and my father said that I was nearsighted. From then on, glasses entered my life.

When I was a primary student, my brother was in senior school, then he was nearsighted, the first sight I saw my brother wearing black glasses, I thought it was pretty cool. Also, it made him seemed more acknowledged. As a child, I was full of curiosity and strongly demanded that I wanted to wear his glasses. I wondered how great it would be if I wore glasses, while my brother said that if you were not nearsighted, wearing the glasses would make you dizzy. Thinking that it was an excuse to prevent me from wearing them, at that moment I did not hear anyone’s words and insisted on wearing the glasses. Finally, my brother gave in as there were no other ways but to let me wearing the glasses. In reality, however, my brother did not take in me, when I put the glasses on, I did felt dizzy. I did not want to wear glasses anymore from then on.

While when I entered senior school, gradually, my sight becomes worse and worse and I could not see the blackboard clearly. In the beginning, I did not consider it as a depressing thing; since I was nearsighted I could wear the glasses and made my “dream” come true. There is widespread agreement among our students that it will make one seemed cooler wearing a pair of black glasses, for the same reason I selected a pair of black glasses though there was a multitude of glasses at the shop to choose from. Wearing the glasses, I could see the blackboard quite clearly. I also felt very well. For the reason that I did not have the experience of how to protect our eyes, I wore the glasses now and then; it just depended on my preference. Consequently, my sight became worse and the glasses did not fit me anymore, what’s worse, I could not live without them, as I could not see anything clearly beyond a certain distance of 3 meters. It was boring to wear glasses any time everywhere, but I must do it.

Then I had my second glasses, as a matter of fact, that you will not want a thing just like the one you have before, I chose a pair of red glasses. This time I protect my eyes carefully and after wearing the glasses for a long time, I have adjusted to them.

In and of itself, they also have some disadvantages, especially when you eating hot food or drinking tea. Every coin has two sides; however, glasses make a wealth of things more convenient.

Glasses have become one part of my life.