Glasses Have Become One Of The Most Essential Parts Of Our Life.

What my glasses mean to me — Correction, protection, fashion, and personal style. Based on my six-year glass-wearing experience, I have gradually realized that my glasses have become one of the most essential parts of my life.

The primary reason for wearing glasses is vision correction. Therefore, selecting a suitable pair of glasses is crucial. There are some aspects to consider during the selection process.

First of all, a good quality optical lens should be given priority. If flaws occur on lenses, such as bubbles, waves, or other defects, vision will be affected tremendously. Second, choose the right type of glasses frame that is comfortable for you, since you may have to wear them all day long. Third, learn to use your glasses reasonably. Do not clean your eyeglasses too frequently. It may rough the surface of the lens. Furthermore, using the eye cloth to wipe the lens in a certain direction and taking off glasses with both hands can help you to maintain a good condition of your glasses. Forming good habits will certainly prolong your glasses’ service life.

In addition to reading glasses, sunglasses also play an increasingly important role in recent years. Unlike reading glasses, sunglasses mainly function in protection against excessive exposure to light. The most widespread protection is against ultraviolet radiation, which would cause various eye cancers. A pair of high-quality sunglasses can provide visual comfort, as well as visual clarity.

In the past, some people were stuck with the thought that wearing a pair of glasses would ruin their appearance. I can still recall the awful mood before I went to the optician. However, as time goes by, my attitude towards glasses has changed dramatically. In the current market, most glasses frames have been designed to follow the fashion trend. For example, the rock band Weezer is known for its members wearing thick-rimmed glasses. For another example, actor Jeff Goldblum is often seen in the Browline glasses style. Similarly, Singer Anastacia, who dominates the European charts in the early 21st century, is always noticeable for wearing odd-color glasses. These stars convey the idea that glasses are actually the embodiment of personal style and expression.

Indubitably, my glasses have assisted me to correct my vision, keep me away from excessive light exposure, and provide me with a unique impression. I believe that they will accompany me for a life-long time, and lead me to future successes.