Glasses contribute to our world

I had my first glasses when I was in high school, I thought it was a little cool, but my father didn’t agree. He said do not wear glasses or you will become ugly. But with time going on, my eyesight was getting weaker and weaker, I even missed many people I needed to greet when going from dorm to classroom. I must have let many people down and it was not polite, I thought. So I began to seek my first glasses. I found glasses in shops nearby that are very expensive, and my sister told me that she could buy one for me from the internet. Several days later, I had my first prescription glasses, but they seemed not very suitable for me, become I didn’t provide the right data of my eyes and the size of my face when she was buying one for me. It was seemingly very cheap, and I was happy that I got a cheap one.

Things changes. I didn’t take care of my glasses very well, and it was frayed, with the mirror bracket broken. It was a very old thing, I thought, I even used it with two arms of it broken. So I bought a second one. I began to meter my size and I chose nearly suitable glasses. It was black ones, and when I first put on them, my friends thought them were weird, so I only put them on only when classes began. I did not know if my behavior would hurt my eyes, but I really did it in that way.

Then in college, I had my third one, It was a little expensive, but I thought if I bought a cheap one, it became old very quickly . one day, in an accident, I broke one side of it, I got a little afraid that I thought it if will make me look ugly. But I am still wearing it. Now I can not leave my eyeglasses because if I leave my glasses, I will not see clearly. I think if I take off my glasses for a day, I will get crazy. Let’s look around, many people are wearing glasses, and even some of them wore glasses when they are very young. Our society can not leave glasses. With glasses, many of us could get rid of the painful weak sight. What’s more, glasses nurture great men in history, I think. They won’t have limited sight and read more books, know more, deal with routines more fluently. Glasses contribute to our world.