Glasses can be divided into three kinds

Have you ever noticed that there have been one-second people who wear glasses in the street? In particular, the percentage may be higher in secondary schools, universities, or institutions. Just like a great amount of rice being eaten by the Chinese, there are a great number of glasses being worn by the Chinese. And of cause, it is a pity that I’m also a member of such a large population.

In general, glasses can be divided into three kinds. One is spectacles. Another is presbyopic glasses and the last one is sunglasses. I always wear Spectacles and seldom wear sunglasses as a college student. It is known that we wear spectacles to make us see things in the distance more clearly and wear sunglasses to protect us from the sunshine.

At the same time, with the huge glasses consumption, the glasses industry has been developing rapidly. There aroused concern over students' poor eyesight, which is more serious in China. What a heavy study Chinese students have! They have endless homework and are forced to do it all day and night. With the lapse of time, they can’t identify the words on the blackboard and have to wear a pair of glasses in the end.

It is generally believed that wearing a pair of glasses makes people felt more wise and reasonable. Others said they are tending to believe those who wear glasses. The result suggests associate glasses with intelligence may be reinforcing a stereotype among most people. For me, I have wearing glasses for almost four years, and I can’t help to wear them all daytime except washing and sleeping. The pair of glasses has been a necessity in my life.

To be frank, I don’t acknowledge glasses in detail. But I know glasses have been made of several parts at least. They are lenses, spectacles, frames, and so on. The frame of spectacles can be made of metal or plastic.

The sunglasses are always made of plastic and they look very cool. Many young people prefer to wear sunglasses. Because they think they are the symbol of fashion and modernity. Of cause, I am a sunglasses follower; I wear them to make me mature charming.

Glasses are just like almost common things in our lives. They are hardly caught by people’s eyes. Not until the degree of glasses never suits you do you begin to think of them. But they make great use in our daily lives.

The saying goes that eyes are the window of the soul. Everyone must care about it protect our eyes.