Glasses are symbols of knowledge.

To tell you the truth, I’m the very few lucky (maybe unlucky in some peoples’ eyes) students who still don’t wear glasses in university. But this does not prevent me from writing this article.

During my primary school, there are only 1 out of 48 students who wear a pair of glasses. The proportion increased unexpectedly to 26 out of 34 during my secondary school and 40 out of 48 during my high school. These data cannot tell the whole story, but indeed they can partly tell one thing that glasses are symbols of knowledge.

Maybe not everyone agrees with me on this point, but for some time, maybe not long ago, it is indeed a truth.

However, glasses are no longer the symbols of knowledge nowadays. There is a trend that more and more people wear glasses not because they have poor eyesight and need them but because glasses become a decoration just like necklaces.

So why wearing glasses do becomes a fashion? I think there are mainly three reasons.

Firstly, the fast-paced way of life in modern society makes people get stressed more easily and more often. So some people, whose lives are rather difficult, need glasses to hide their sleepy eyes to a certain extent. So this is the reason for stress. What’s more, some people do not want to be disturbed in the subway or on the bus after a day’s hard, maybe troublous, work. So their reason to wear glasses is just to hide from both acquaintances and stingers.

The second reason is just like the first one in some points. Some people wear eyeglasses because they think glasses are just like protection for them. They hold the view that glasses can expand the distance between others and them, which makes them, feel safer in public. So this is the reason for personality.

The last reason I conclude is fashion. With several people wearing glasses, some weak-minded people follow this tendency because they are afraid to be out fashioned. But they do not know why they are wearing glasses at all—they are just the followers. Maybe they want to be looked like intellectuals. Maybe they want to be more fashionable. That’s not the key point.

To sum up, as a student who does not wear glasses, I’m just like an outsider. So I think my point of view is a little different from those who wear glasses.
After all, it’s just about ‘Glasses and I’.