Glasses are loyal friends

Last night, my mother told me that my young sister began to wear glasses. Her first glasses cost my mum about $200. It is a great number for me. I asked my mother why she bought such an expensive pair of glasses with a litter angry, and she said peacefully:” It deserves.”

I think of myself, how many glasses have I changed. Three? Four? As far as I could remember, Chad changed my lens into stronger ones three times and the optical frames two times. I changed the frames just because I was fed up with the old ones. Let me see, it’s almost ¥ 1500 I have spent on my glasses. I never thought that it could be so expensive. Now, I must think over the relationship between the glasses and me.

I never took glasses as my close friend or a good helper. It’s just a tool; only with it could I see the colorful world clearly. Because of too many TV series, I wearied glasses in my junior high school. At the very beginning, I only wore them when having lessons or listening to lectures. Later on, they were on my face on my way to the canteen so that I could see the menu clearly. Finally, I wear glasses whenever and wherever. Almost everyone who wears glasses shares the same experience, as time goes by, we can never take them off.

My glasses are blue ones, not very fashionable but comfortable.” It deserves.”Yeah, I agree. It is important for one who is short-sighted or far-sighted to get a good pair of glasses. The TV, no, it’s me that damaged my eyes and the glasses help me. I hated them since I have to take them on and off from time to time. It is so inconvenient and you should “protect” them well.” you are so bookish!” you look like my primary school teacher! “I just could not tolerate these words. Day after day passed, I was getting used to wearing my glasses. I do not hate them anymore, instead, I am somehow fond of them.

Although I do not regard my glasses as a friend, it is actually an essential “friend”. whenever I was happy or sad, my glasses are always with me. Every day I clean them and every day I put them on, there is a strange feeling beyond description. I and not someone who is sentimental but the one who likes to pay attention to small things. The glasses people wear can reflect the personalities and characters.

Glasses are loyal friends, only when you properly treat them. My glasses will help me forever.