Glasses are lighter and thinner

When I was a little boy, I thought wearing glasses might be an interesting and cool thing, because, in my mind, people who wear glasses must be men who had got a good education. I want to be an educational man, so I was yearning to wear glasses. However, things did go as I wanted. At my age of 11, when I was only a primary school student, I had got my first pair of glasses. Then I began my uncomfortable life with the glasses. I was a sports fan, I enjoyed running in the playground. That annoying guy began to get in the way of my interests as soon as I began to wear glasses. Sometimes it can be kind of dangerous to do sports with glasses. But I think I was so lucky that the glasses never hurt me before. But the inconvenient aspect is obvious. For example, if I want to have a bowl of hot noodles with glasses, if I want to go to a public bathroom to have a hot shower with glasses, I will be a real blind man. The steam will cover the surface of eyeglasses completely, and then you can imagine what will happen…

I found something interesting, although there are so many glasses inconvenience, more and more people like to wear a kind of special glasses with no degrees. They regard the glasses as an adornment. Even some people like to wear glasses without the picture frame. I have to say the glasses introductory are quite innovative; they give the new value and use of the glasses.

When I met Tony on the winter vacation, my high school classmate, I hardly recognize him because of his new glasses. I was as surprised as his eyes were pretty good in my impression. But I didn’t realize there was a much bigger more surprise waiting for me. When I watch the glasses carefully, I found it was just an accessory like earrings or necklaces. To be honest, the glasses make him look better although I had been that this was not a good idea. Maybe the peaceful life needs something new to fire the passion of lives. So having a new look may be a not bad choice. However, as for me, who have had been wearing the glasses for nearly ten years, the glasses were a tool better than a vase.

I was so happy to find the prescription glasses are lighter and thinner than the ten years before. I must be thankful for the glasses contractors, just the developments of glasses make the short-sighted people including me live better.

In the end, I just want to give some advice to the children who don’t wear glasses yet, protect your eyes well please; wearing glasses isn’t a cool thing.