Glasses are common but also special

Since I wore glasses the first time, I never let them go out of my life.

Girls' minds seemed strange because when others wore different colors of glasses and I didn’t, how eagerly I wanted to wear glasses, but when my dream came true, it wasn’t as sweet as I thought. Wearing glasses was troublesome because glasses need careful consideration and made my eyes uncomfortable. I used to say to myself that I hated glasses.

Time goes by. The little girl grows up. After undergoing my shy but colorful adolescence, undergoing my tense but unforgettable college entrance examination, undergoing my new but perturbed freshman life, undergoing my old friends’ leave and new friends’ arrival, undergoing many, many things, I have a more mature mind. I use more advanced stationery and a more stylish bag. I wear more fashionable clothes… Many things have changed. When I look back, my glasses never change. They change color and style, but the fact is that they help me see the world more clearly, whether surface or inside don’t change.

When I had short sight and did not wear glasses, I walked fast and seldom observe scenery around and somebody who is coming face to me. After I wear my glasses, everything becomes clear. I feel new and see what I used to neglect.

Through glasses, I see many natural types of scenery.

In spring, I see new long shoots, insects’ lovely nap, and leaves’ context. I like feeling the fresh and natural atmosphere of spring.

In summer, the sun is hot and the air seems to become soft and sweet. There seems to heat the air in the flow. How wonderful!

In autumn, yellow leaves fall from trees dancing like many butterflies. Leaves wither, but they have different beauty.

In winter, the snowflakes are spinning in the air where a big stage is. If you do not see snowflakes in the hexagonal, you may never feel the magic of the Creator.

What’s more, when I walk on my way, I don’t walk fast and see the person with a smile who’s coming face to me, which makes me smile too. Thanks to my eyeglasses, I won’t ignore my friends who see and say hello to me anymore. I won’t miss pedestrians’ expressions anymore. Life is happy, isn’t it?

Maybe I’m aware of my glasses’ significance owing to my growth. Maybe there’s something else always on my side that is important in my life but I haven’t notice. Maybe I should begin to value people and things around me.

In the course of my schooling, glasses are there, witnessing my growth. Glasses are common but also special, common to people but special to me.