Glasses Are Becoming Cheaper And Cheaper

Despite the inconvenience, the glasses bring about much more meaning to me and everyone around me.

I have used 4 prescription eyeglasses till now. Many significant things can be noticed beyond my changing glasses concerning my thoughts, my attitudes, and the people around me. And each pair itself can tell their own stories. Whether they are interesting or boring, the stories have seen me growing up, anyway.

I never thought the glasses would accompany me for so long, maybe forever. I one day, however, sense that I have to wear a pair of glasses to make out the words on the blackboard in class.

Then I met with my first prescription glasses. I still remember the first time I went into a glasses shop with my parents in my town. That glasses cost me more than 1000. Before then I just took them for cheap things. How I regret having watched too much TV and played too many games at that time. The thing taught me a lesson, although the tuition fee was somewhat expensive for me. After that, I did spend less time on TV and the computer.

Before long, maybe one year later or some, my eyesight became worse under a heavier burden when I went into secondary school.

Then, my second pair comes. I want to emphasize again that I bought them only because that the older one cannot satisfy my eyesight at that time. On the contrary, my third glasses come in a completely different way. They just attract me and I bought them with my friends when it was unnecessary to buy a new pair. That one was bought in Nanjing and is very cheap, which cost me 30$. I got to know that the glasses can be so cheap and how much money the companies in my hometown can earn by selling the glasses.

Unfortunately, that pair of eyeglasses broken in a basketball match. Then I chose the pair that I still wear today in our school which only cost me about 20$. This time, my girlfriend accompanied me to buy them. Cheap as it is, I love it very much.

Look upon the whole process, something as below can be concluded.

My glasses are becoming cheaper and cheaper. In some aspects, it can reflect that I am wiser and wiser. Maybe it is true. The first time I bought my glasses, I only pay attention to how beautiful they were and how light the glasses frame was. But now, I know how much they are worth and I need not spend too much money on them.

At the same time, I notice that my attitude towards glasses is also changing. I begin to pursuit beauty and fashion. And I am ready to change them frequently rather than decide to stick to one pair like before. My thought is changing, maybe because they are cheaper.

What is more, each time I choose and equip a pair of glasses, different people ranging from my parents, my grandparents, my friends to my girlfriend accompanied me… They endow me with different feelings. Did I experience my parents? Anxious care for my grandparents? Love my friends? Indeed friendship and my girlfriend are deep love. They all awaited me patiently and help me choose my lovely glasses. Thank them, and I love them deeply too.

The process of changing my glasses is also the process of learning. During the course, I also learned much knowledge about glasses themselves and how to use them properly.

In closing, I can say that glasses do bring much to me.

I like my cheap glasses.