Eyeglasses reflect the convenience and satisfaction to my life

When it comes to the eyeglasses, no one can deny the important role it has played - either as an eye protection tool or a beauty accessory in our life. Just imagine without this important tool how terrible it would be to those dim-sighted people who overuse their eyes! Their world will become a total blur. Speaking of that, I remember a tragic experience of me - a near-sighted girl. One night I strolled on a path of my hometown without eyeglasses. When the stream-like moonlight poured in the ground, I saw some firewood lying on the ground. Happily, I squatted down and try to pick it up. After the futile effort, he got nothing but disappointment. It turned out to be the shadow of trees. When I went home sulkily, I knocked my head against the door because of my poor sight. After staggering into the room, I was tripped by the threshold. Great pain went through me. Struggling with great efforts, I got on my feet. However, at that time I did not realize that another misfortune was still waiting for me - I burned my lips when I blew out the candle when the light was on. It was lacking eyeglasses that ruined my day.

With time passing by, earth-shaking changes have taken place in the development of eyeglasses. Modern eyeglasses are characterized by their functions, styles, and variety of the lens. Many fashionable eyeglasses keep cropping up, ranging from prescription glasses, reading glasses, bifocal glasses to computer glasses and progressive glasses. Many eyeglasses manufacturers produce them according to the customers’ age and sex, thus comes the men’s eyeglasses, women’s eyeglasses, and kids ’glasses. Once I bought a pair of prescription glasses for my grandma. The glasses are made according to the eyeglass prescription written by the doctor, who specified the value of all parameters he deemed necessary to construct and/or dispense corrective lenses appropriate for my grandma in the prescription. My grandma said these pair of glasses were indeed what she needed.

As we all know, eyeglasses are frames bearing lenses worn in front of the eyes. Different eyeglasses are made of different lenses, for example, bifocal glasses have multiple-focus lenses, which can be bifocal, to cover more situations in which they use their sight.

Besides lenses, the frame is also verified, marking the progress of our times. Thus a fashionable frame - rimless frames walk in our life. Different from ordinary frames, rimless frames do not completely encircle the lenses. The glasses I wear also have a rimless frame. I like its lightness, comfort, and beauty.

As eyeglasses can be a major part of personal image and expression, for ordinary people like me, they bring convenience and beauty ;For some celebrities, they form part of their identity. In popular culture, glasses were all the disguise Superman and Wonder Woman needed to hide in plain view as alter egos Clark Kent and Diana Prince, respectively. I usually wear sunglasses in the summer because I think they are symbols of fashion. Wearing them can protect my eyes and make me feel good about myself.

Eyeglasses progressed along with the historical and cultural development and the trend of the times. It tangibly blends into my life. It reflects not only the convenience and satisfaction it brings to my life but also the progress of social civilization.