Eyeglasses Make Me See Clearly

I began to wear glasses when I was in my third year in middle school. In that year, I did not know when and I also did not know why and only one day I suddenly found that I was shortsighted, which appeared to be no sign beforehand. Looking back now, maybe it has something to do with my bad habit that I am fond of reading books lying in bed. But I didn’t want to get my glasses fitted immediately because I thought they didn’t influence my life.

But one day, when my teacher found that I could not see the blackboard clearly in the class, he urged me to be fitted for eyeglasses as soon as possible. But I didn’t know why I did not like wearing glasses from the psychological. Just felt I would be uncomfortable if I was wearing glasses. So I was very reluctant to follow my father to optical shops. I almost walked away because of the price. Despite these factors, I eventually

My First Prescription Glasses

However, I only wore glasses in the class and I would put them away the rest of the time. Somebody told me that this practice would result in keeping my eye degrees, but I turned a deaf ear to his advice. On the other hand, I was delighted to find there was an advantage for me not to see the things around clearly. As a saying goes,” Obscure leads to beauty.” I would use my own imagination to touch the person or the thing that I could not see clearly. I imagined other people smiling at me and their beautiful faces. It made me feel that the world was full of beauty.

The degrees of my eyes still had deepened. In my second year in senior school, I had to change my prescription eyeglasses. To my surprise, I felt reluctant when I gave the old pair of glasses to my sister. Although I was fed up with wearing glasses, I found they sometimes liked the second pair of my eyes. That saying” obscure leads to beauty” is just idealistic. After all, looking at everything surrounding us has a practical significance. Who doesn’t want to see people, animals, or plants around us clearly? From then on, I have been grateful for the people who invented the glasses in my heart. They make the people (including me) who are shortsighted have the ability to enjoy the beautiful world again. Thank you, my glasses!