Eyeglasses have become an important part of our daily life.

With the heavy pressure on study and jobs nowadays, more and more people are wearing glasses than ever before, which include a high proportion of students, especially in eastern countries. According to an authoritative survey, the rate of teenagers in our country who have eyes near-sighted is about 50%-60%. In conclusion, the population of people wearing eyeglasses is about 800 million.

As the serious situation mentioned above, we must know about glasses. The first glasses appeared in Florence Italy. Later the great inventor, Benjamin Franklin invented the bifocal glasses for both long-sighted and near-sighted. Someone thinks the history of glasses in China can date back to 2000 years ago, which is the Ming dynasty.

In the early years, the glasses frames are made of metal. Now with the rapid development of technology, many more materials are used such as alloy and plastic. Glasses lens are also divided into many types according to individual needs.

Wearing glasses has gradually been a trend for fashion and beauty. Many people who haven’t got any diseases of eyes are fond of wearing sunglass or funny glasses with frames only. It is already a symbol of self-identity. I will give you a brief introduction about sports glasses: this kind of glasses is designed for the athletes such as playing basketball or soccer. It is so firm that can hardly drop.

The last but the most important you need to know is how to use glasses properly. Some tips are as follows:

First, you’d better not use one hand to put on or off your glasses, because it easily made your glasses out of shape.

Second, when you wrap your glasses, you’d better use clean water with detergent. What is more, you should wrap your glasses tenderly.

Third, you must be careful with your glasses when you do exercises.

The sellers of glasses have put out various series for different age groups: men’s glasses, women’s glasses, kids glasses.

Glasses have become an important part of our daily life. It not only helps us see the world clearly but also an important element for fashion.