Eyeglasses has been part of my life and a good friend of mine

Now, I’d like to tell you something about my eyeglasses and the stories between us. Thank you for your appreciation.

It was five years ago when I was in high school that I began to wear eyeglasses. From then on the stories between us took place.

My first pair of eyeglasses is a blue one which cost me eighty Yuan not so expensive compared with others. For some reason the eyeglasses were not comfortable for me, so I didn’t wear them except during the class, most of the time it was in the spectacles case enjoying the loneliness. One day during the interval between classes, my classmate at the same table with me looked carefully at my glasses seeming to have found something great which made me think of Columbus, who discovered America. Then he spoke to me with a mysterious expression. “I think the pair of eyeglasses is not suitable for you!” “Why?” I asked, “How stupid you are! You didn’t find it too small!” he murmured. So I took out a mirror to make a study of the eyeglasses. Suddenly I let out a shout “oh yes, now I know why I don’t like the eyeglasses!” which startled others. Naturally, my first eyeglasses were out of commission after one year’s service for me.

My second pair of eyeglasses came to its service. It had a silvery frame with two big lenses. The doctor told me that it requires constant maintenance as it was high-quality finished prescription eyeglasses. The moment I put on it, I can’t believe my eyes! I could see so far and so clearly! You may have guessed it, I was really happy. The doctor advised me to wash it with clean water and dry it up with soft materials such as soft cloth, facial tissues. I thanked the doctor and left happily as if a great mission had been finished. But I paid a high price for it, two hundred Yuan about my two month’s living expenses. With the golden sword, I wouldn’t worry about missing what the teacher wrote on the blackboard. Indeed, the eyeglass ever made a great contribution to me before its life came to the end. It accompanied me living through the hardest days of my school life and experienced one of the most important exams – college entrance examinations. You have to admit that everything in the world has its life limit, and my second pair of eyeglasses isn’t an exception. In my sophomore days, I decided to replace it with a new one because of its aging.

It was in the Hospital of Southeast University that my third pair of eyeglasses came to birth. The doctor there had more sophisticated equipment that helped me select a pair of eyeglasses matching with my sight well. Compared with its two pioneers, it’s a little slight making it comfortable somehow. But, it has a fatal defect that the frame is so slender that it changes shape easily and I have to correct it frequently. There was once a time when I decided to abandon it, but I didn’t for the economic reason .now it is still in its service and I have become used to it despite the defect. No matter what to say, it has been part of my life and a good friend of mine.