Eyeglasses give us a lot of help

As we all know, people are always accustomed to an indifferent attitude towards the things around them that appear to be normal. But how many people know that we know what we unconsciously give much help? My glasses and I are so right.

At first, I did not myopic. Looking at other people with glasses, I was so envious. I hoped that I can have one someday. In my eyes, a pair of glasses was a symbol of wisdom and knowledge.

Later, gradually, I was shortsighted, so I could not wait to buy a pair of glasses. The first time I had glasses, I was very happy, thinking that I was a good student. I brought it to show off all day. Walking along the street, or eating in the canteen. Very nice glasses frames, black glasses, setting off by my white cheek and black hair, it just liked my beautiful decorations, made me nice and gave me confidence. I always had it carefully.

Soon after, my excited heart calmed down, I was not at all times to play with it, but only in the class, I could not see the blackboard, then I would bring it out slowly and reluctantly. Even if it accidentally fell on the floor, I would not be distressed.

However, as time went by, I saw it as a burden and stress. Because all I had to wear it all the time. It was so inconvenient when I was playing balls or washing. Looking in the mirror, wearing glasses, I suddenly felt better or for worse. At that time, I began to hate glasses and wished that all of a sudden throw them away.

One day I picked the glasses down and tried not to use them. I feared terribly. Because I could not see the student’s face who was greeting me, and I could not see the words the teacher writing on the blackboard. I couldn’t see the change take, either. What’s worse, there seemed no sense of direction to me, I would hit something. The world seemed to be another strange. Everything turned to be normal until I wore them again. Then, I understood the importance of glasses for me. Without it, everything became dark. Unconsciously, I could not do without it. Since then, I was more like my glasses and it was something like my friend.

Refrain from losing it to understand. I hope all of us can cherish those things or people who are around us and often accompanying us just like our glasses. Because they give us a lot of help, we can not live without them.