Eyeglasses are so cheap in our school

When I was very young I had got very shortsighted, just because of too much reading but wrong reading habits. So I had to get a pair of glasses to keep the world clear as long as I became a junior high school student. I got my first eyeglasses with my elder sister in a small store, feeling that it’s so expensive just for two small pieces of glasses. However, I need them, so that’s not the problem at all.

I felt so terrified when seeing the whole world hide behind the eyeglasses and become a little smaller but more clear than before when they really rode on my nose. I hated them and really couldn’t adapt to the added weight at first, especially when I was playing and sweating. Only then did I begin to take those tips about caring eyes seriously. We should develop good habits of using eyes. We can have an overlook for a quarter when we have two hours reading.

Once my glasses took off from my nose, I was running and jumping. Thank God, they didn’t get hurt. But there can’t always be lucky. Another time, my glasses lay on the desk near a pile of books quietly. All of a sudden, the small mountain made of books fell then my eyeglasses got flat in a flash. There were no glasses store in our school or nearby. What’s worse, I was so busy that I couldn’t afford an hour to get a new pair on weekdays. So you can imagine the hardship I experienced when I really only used two pieces of glasses to get the words on the blackboard.

The bronze spectacle frames make me annoyed since the vending grown on it leads me to an awful picture. It can’t be cleaned absolutely. That’s the very reason why I changed my bronze to plastic.

I can’t help thinking of the history of the glasses. Since 13-century people began using glasses to improve eyesight. Then an English man called Edward Scarlett made the first spectacle frames, which is the organ of modern glasses. In 1784, Benjamin Franklin invented the first real glasses using two pieces of glasses. Modern glasses first appeared in about 1890. At the same time; the manufacturer was also constantly exploring new products to meet the different needs of different consumers.

In my opinion, glasses are really expensive and we can’t get charged like the doctor’s medicine. However, in our school, glasses are so cheap. Is it just because of a glasses production basis around? I just can’t imagine the truth being the reality.