Eyeglasses Are my Daily Friend

Every day when I wake up, the first thing I do is open my eyes. While in my eyes the world is blurred. Yeah, you got it, I …I just have a little short-sighted. Since I was a seven-year-old boy, I just had some problem with my eyes, it has been 11 years. And I have been friends with my glasses for a long time.

I cannot imagine what the world looks like for me if there are no glasses. Maybe it will have a beautiful montage view, but not for me.

Guys without glasses should do not know that how important is the little glasses for me, though my eyes’ situation is not too bad. The glasses have been a part of my life, my bedside friend. If something can always be with you, whatever you do and whatever you think, there’s one thing you cannot deny –you are used to it, you have a deep feeling about it. But one day you wake up and find it has changed or gone, you may have a strange feeling. And I am so. At meanwhile, my glasses are also of special significance to me.

When I was a child, my grandpa told me that if you want to be really happy, you should keep your mind clear to look around and find what makes you happy. He bought me a pair of eyeglasses, then said to me that he wants me to see everything clearly through little G. I’m done.

With the promise I have made, I’m growing up and flying high. Even though my grandpa passed away, I still remember him. People may feel it is odd that I wear old glasses. I don’t care. I just know the real important thing for me is to realize myself through my heart, not by people around me.

I see that life is for me more than for others. I see the happiness that is full of every little thing. I see the beauty that is around the corner. I see the true love between everyone. I see the most beautiful smile what is from the heart. I see what my grandpa wants me to find through glasses.

I think if there is one day I can live without glasses; I would not choose not to wear my glasses. In fact, I love glasses. I totally love it. We come into this world, we have the same eyes, but maybe we have a different view.

So, why don’t you see every detail clearly before you make a choice?