Eyeglasses And Life

I wear glasses just two months ago. I have good sight before, because of the heavy pressure of studying, my sight was worse and worse. As a result, I wear glasses.

I wear glasses for only two months, so I know little about glasses. But I think maybe I can say something about the feeling of my first wearing.

That day I rode a bike and went to an eyeglasses shop myself. I saw everything was a little punch-drunk. Then I went into the room. A shop assistant came up to me and asked me to choose one spectacles frame. I couldn’t describe how amazing I was for I saw too many styles and each was so beautiful that I couldn’t choose once. After deep thinking, I finally chose one shining brightly and pointed it to the assistant. He then took it out and showed it to me. I liked it so much. Several minutes later, another assistant came to me and said, “ Hey, it is time to measure your degree, come with me.” Then he led me to a room and let me sit down and put a machine before my eyes. After that he asked me to wear two glasses and point in the direction of the lesson ”E”. After a while, I said,” OK! Everything is clear before the glasses!” “ now most of the work is done, the left is limited, please just sit down and take a break” he turned back and left a word. So I found a seat and just sat down.

About twenty minutes later, the assistant came back with a pair of glasses in his hand and passed them to me,” Have a try!” Oh! You can’t imagine how excited I was at that time. After all, it was the first time that I wore glasses and they were my first glasses. I could feel my heartbeat. Then I took it and wore them just as others beside me. I slowly opened my eyes and carefully looked around. Because I was on the second floor, I could have a broad view. Wonderful! Amazing! I found the world was changed for everything was so clear. I felt that I was involved in nature and became one part of it. The trees were so green and wholesome. The sun was so red and big…

I went back home with a new sight.
The glasses make me fashionable and happy all day.
Just have a try, maybe your life will be changed!