Everyone around you will be your Glasses.

Long ago, there is a little girl who has a strange appearance. She comes from a little-known kingdom where everyone is just two pieces of glasses. She looks very silly and she has a well-known English name—Glasses. Her kingdom has a permanent agreement with human beings that if one person has poor eyesight, one citizen of the kingdom will offer a pair of glasses to a company with him and work for him.

Glasses are a generous guy, even not so lovely, though. Whenever people have any difficulties with eyesight, she might try her every effort to help solve the problem. She comes across the human-beings face; has a seat at their nose; then puts themselves before people’s eyes. Luckily, Glasses has two pieces of glasses which suit people’s eyes very well.

Glasses were born in the sixteen century. I make an acquaintance with Glasses when I was in Grade 3 in primary school for the first time. One day in the class, our teacher wrote some words on the blackboard and I found it difficult to see them clearly. I tried to make it clear by hand but I failed. From that day on, I always saw the things around me with the unclear figure. I have been upset for a few days. One night, in my dream, a good with two pieces of glasses came up to me and told me,’ Come on, little girl. With my help, you can catch the words on the blackboard again.’ When I woke up the day after that night, new things on my desk attracted my attention. At the same time, I thought over the dream and wore them. Some amazing things happened. I can see the world clearly again. At that time, I couldn’t be happier. I am the only one in my class that has a new friend’s assistant. Due to curiosity and bad habits of reading, my friend Glasses kept gaining weight year after year. And when I took the step into the gate of the university, she was 3 times as much weight as it had been 10 years ago when she first met me.

To be honest, I love my Glasses even she brought great uncomfortably to me when I went into a hot room from a cold one. I don’t want to be separated from my Glasses though the two pieces are heavy and stupid. I have something to do with my Glasses who have spent almost 10 years with me.
When it’s sunny, Glasses spent some time under the sun with me through my military training; when it’s rainy, Glasses shared half of the wind and drops with me; when it’s cloudy, Glasses enjoyed my happiness and smile with me. I went through happiness and sadness with Glasses. We look together, play together, wash together, and sleep together. We are like sisters and help each other naturally.

Nowadays, a new-established kingdom that is found a way to help people take off Glasses developed quickly. It has a brilliant name ’Relief your eyes’. Many people broke the rules we have made a long time before with Glasses. But I am against the kingdom because the help Glasses gave me is unforgettable. As an old saying goes,’ return a forest if you are given by a tree.’

With my Glasses, I enjoy my life light-hearted. Learn to thanks, everyone around you will be your Glasses.