Every morning when I wake up, I will see the glasses

Every morning when I wake up, I will see the glasses. When I peer at it, I will be brought back to the memory which is full of the boy who was my first boyfriend.

It was in the first year of high school that I made acquaintance with JIA. At that timeļ¼Œhe was the monitor of our class and we say little words to each other. On the last day of the first term, he asked me:” Will you forget me?” I had no idea. After a while, I said:” Of course not”. After hearing the answer, he smiled and then run away, leaving the words “thank you.

The next term he broke my glasses by accident, which was purchased not long before. I told him now that you have broken my glasses, what would you do to make it up? I just took the words as a joke. The next day, he called me to go out of school with him, I didn’t know what had happened, so I just followed him. When we arrived at the front of a Glasses Shop, he stopped and spoke to me: “Go with me and you will be in a perfect world” He bought me a pair of glasses which were of good quality.

We became familiar with each other after the experience. People often say that affection rises with time. And it was the same with us. We became sweethearts at last. He was always cordial. Whenever I met with difficulties he would turn up. We seldom had contradiction when we stayed together. I can still recall the words he told me. Sitting at the side of a lake with the eyeglasses in my hand, I asked: “What if I lost my sight?” He said:” Go with me and you will see the perfect world through my eyes.” I was moved into tears at that moment. When we walked along a road he always walked in my left, so I took it for granted. When we went across a road he always safeguards me in front of me. I would not allow him to perform like that, but he always had his own reasons to retort me. He would say: “The inertia of me is larger than yours, if a bus bumped us you would not be bumped far away.”

We imagined our great expectations when we stayed together. We wished to keep the company in the future, however, the odds were against us. Finally, We got apart because of the disagreement of his parents. Then we became strange friends.

In Grade Three, his classroom was in the opponent of mine. In the beginning, I could see him across the windows with the glasses on my eyes. Seeing him in the distance I may say:” JIA, I miss you”, but we could never go back to the past.

We haven’t seen each other for quite a long time. Sometimes I may forget him, maybe we can never meet each other. The eyeglasses penetrated the process of my first love, so I can never forget it. More often than not, when I stare blankly with the glasses in my hand, I will be brought back to the memories.