Do not forget wearing prescription glasses.

Glasses are quite essential for those who suffered from serious short-sightedness. What is quite interesting is that almost every myopic person has a tale to tell about not wearing glasses. And I am one of these people.

It all happened on a Monday. That morning, the sunlight came through the window into my room as usual. I opened my sleepy eyes, gave a loud yawn, and got up unwillingly from my bed.” Dear, hurry up! You are late for school!” Mom shouted in the kitchen as usual. I glanced at the clock hanging on the wall, it was half-past six, but it was exactly late for a student living in China, especially for a student of grade 3 in senior high. I rushed out with money for breakfast in my pocket. Because I was too hurrying I didn’t sense I had left something behind at all.

Luckily enough, the teacher hadn’t come and I was quite pleased that I escaped the punishment. I put down my bag, took out my book, and read. This morning I would have an English-speaking contest. I had prepared for it the whole last week with great confidence that I could win.

It was not until the contest had begun for at least 30 minutes and it was exactly my turn done I realize something was wrong. As a part of the contest, I was required to give an instant speech according to the picture given. But I saw everything vaguely. I forgot to wear my prescription glasses! And now you can speculate what was the result of my contest. I said something totally unrelated to the picture and made all the audience confused. Because I mistook a horse for a sheep, grassland for a football field. No doubt, I lost the contest!

That experience taught me a lesson. Since then I got up early in the morning and reminding myself of wearing glasses. If you don’t need to wear glasses, I want to say you are lucky. But you still can get a lesson from my story that is to keep your life in order and arrange your life more properly, thus you can avoid being a person like me who is late for school and forget wearing glasses.