Children should protect their eyes before they become glasses users.

For me, it has been eight years that glasses accompany me in my life. Though it’s inconvenient, I have no choice but to fit it. The first pair of my glasses which is pink coasted me about 200 Yuan. On the first try, I was so curious about them that I wore them all day and don’t want to take them down. Now everyone who wears glasses is unwilling to keep them on their noses for a long time because they influence their beauty and will distort their eyes.

With the development of science and technology, there have been various kinds of glasses like prescription glasses, rimless glasses, contact lenses, and so on. Apart from that, eyeglasses also can be made with color. If you are a man of character, you can think about this kind of leases for as I’m concerned, it’s very cool and I love it very much. In nowadays, many people wear contact lenses instead of ordinary glasses. I have ever tried contact lenses too. But I have a miserable experience. One day, I went out to attune my friend’s party that is to celebrate his success in his college entrance examination. That day I wear my contact lenses. After I returned home I found my lenses disappeared. When I wanted to take one out I just can’t find it. At that time, I was so shocked that I even couldn’t believe it. Then I bought another one. I think unless you don’t need to wear glasses you can’t avoid taking on these matters.

Glasses can be classified into men’s glasses, women’s glasses, kid’s glasses. As more and more people have to wear glasses. It’s necessary to invent prescription glasses that can protect people’s eyes. When you wander around the college, you can find that nearly every people wear glasses. As the long-term users of glasses, I just want to say that I am unwilling to wear you.

Last but not least, I will talk about the prices of glasses. In most glasses shops, I think they are very expensive. But the cost prices are very cheap. I just can’t understand why the prices are so high and nobody can control it. However, in Danyang, it’s said that the glasses are always cheap. That’s a good piece of news to people users. Besides, glasses shops will give customs a discount.

In my opinion, glasses should be cheaper because their prices don’t correspond to their cost prices. I need glasses but I don’t want to wear them. To tell the truth, they are too troublesome. I hope children can protect their eyes before they become glasses users.