Cheap sports glasses for sports fans

Trying hard to protect my eyes, my eyesight had been in excellent condition before I entered high school. However, there was so much homework then that my eyes failed to have rest at any time except the sleeping period. At last, I went to the hospital accompanied by my mother, and what made me desperate was the doctor’s prescription demanding I wear glasses all the time.

It is widely known that Glasses are frames bearing lenses worn in front of the eyes, normally for vision correction. Modern glasses are typically supported by pads on the bridge of the nose and by temple arms placed over the ears. My friends told me that my new appearance with the glassed made me look like a professor, which has been a joke for a long time.

Thanks to the titanium glasses frames and polycarbonate lenses, the glasses are so light that I can barely feel their existence. What’s more, problems in rain or rapid temperature changes almost disappear because of the magic polycarbonate. As a result, reading and writing have nothing different from the way in the past.
But good luck may not last forever. As a basketball fan who counts on shooting skills, I am in great need of clear sight. Even though the creation of flexible frames, and new lens materials, and optical coatings, glasses can still cause problems during my exercise. When I am sweating, the glasses tend to slide down to the ground. On the one hand, I have to adjust it to make me feel comfortable, which influences my dribbling a lot. On the other hand, the sweat is hot while the frames are cold, so my skin feels so itchy that I really want to throw them away. As you know, basketball is a dangerous game especially when you are breaking through´╝î during which your glasses are liable to be knocked down. As time passes, I developed a bad habit to stay away from the dangerous place for my glasses' sake.

Sometimes, I tried to play basketball without my glasses. But I cannot see the basket clearly which makes me lose my long-distance shooting skill, especially when it is dark. My friends will laugh at me that I count on the weather and the sun when playing basketball.

Recently, I noticed that many players in NBA or other leagues prefer to wear contact lenses. But it is worth mentioning that the lenses are specially designed for sports use, and the normal ones may not be appropriate for that. So, I really hope that the glasses shop could provide cheap sports glasses for us fans, who are a lot in an amount in this country. Equipped with those, we are supposed to enjoy our lives better despite the annoying eyesight.