Buying Cheap Eyeglasses

As most of my peers are, I have been companied by glasses since an early age, maybe 8 years ago, if my mind serves me right.

I was not so upset as my mother had expected when I put on my first prescription glasses. On the contrary, I felt even a little excited then. My world returned clear and my life was refreshed! They did make me look a little ugly, but I guess that’s OK.

Oh, after that……I also experienced a long, painful period of replacing my glasses with heavier new ones……What an annoying thing! But as long as I paid attention to protecting my eyes, they won’t let me down. I’m proud of my keeping degrees for almost two years, which is quite rare among students of Senior 2 and 3.How could I manage that? I gave up eating sweet food which does great harm to our eyes. I really admire this, for I successfully proved that a strong mind could beat everything, even little girls’ greed!

Then, how many eyeglasses have I owned so far? Let me count……Oh! There may be 8 pairs of glasses or more! They are sure to be the killer of my money!

Maybe I should persuade myself into buying cheaper ones like the discount frames and lenses. However, sometimes most of them are outdated and I’m not willing to buy them. However, in the city of Danyang, eyeglasses are greeting you with a cheaper price and stylish style. What a heaven for glasses buyers!
It’s really a pity that I’ve never been to Danyang, but doing some shopping in Nanjing may also be a good choice. Here are some stores similar to those in Danyang where nice and cheap glasses are available. There is always a discount when you buy a package containing lenses and frames.

When it comes to frames, I will express my love for rimless ones. I think they are really cute. However, they’re out of date now, but they’re still to my taste.

Nowadays, more and more styles of glasses come into our eyes, such as bifocal glasses and progressive ones. Being achievements of high technology, they are sure to benefit us a lot. Though I have never tried any of them, I have persuaded my mum to buy one, who is involved in both near-sightedness and far-sightedness. She has always been complaining about the complex practice of changing glasses when she looks at things from different distances. However, she didn’t believe the magic effect of progressive eyeglasses anyway. No matter how hard I tried, it just didn’t work. Maybe it’s a common failing of women of her age, I guess.

Above is something I’d like to say about the experience and true feelings of glasses and me. Thank you for your kind reading! Wish you a happy day!