Adventure in the Town of Glasses

I came across one of my old friends yesterday. To my surprise, his thick glasses were missing, and his protruding eyes looked bright and clear, and his bridge of the nose became tall and straight like before. He told me all that thanks to contact lenses. So I strode towards the optical shop, and could not wait to change the image.

As I was on my way, I heard a strange voice: “Why not visit the town of glasses before you get to the optical shop?” I felt wondered when I found myself in a strange place, where all kinds of glasses strolled away: sunglasses, bifocal lenses, rimless glasses, computer glasses… “Come on, don’t be late for the General Assembly debate.” I looked back and found the voice actually came from my own glasses, (Wait a minute, when did I become a pair of glasses too?) He yelled to me: “Let’s go, my master.” So I followed him to a square, where a large number of glasses and lenses gathered.

The two sides were already in a heated debate. Pro side consisted of frame glasses believed that they are superior to contact lenses while the con side made up of contact lenses insisted that wearing contact lenses be a wiser choice.

A venerable frame of glasses claimed: “Trace the history of eyeglasses; we devote ourselves to helping people to regain a bright sight. And that’s why we are highly respected in glasses circles.”

Young contact lenses interrupted his speech: “Youth and vitality are not bad things. And you can’t deny that we are more popular with the youth. We do not oppress to their nose and ears, which let them feel comfortable and natural.”

A pink frame glasses asked back: “People also look fine if they choose the right frame glasses to their face type.”

“You kept saying that the need for beauty,” An exciting sound went along with her opinion, “But you ignore the fact that contact lenses lead to many eye problems.” Some were whispering that seemed to agree with what he said.

Senior contact lenses hastened to explain: “It won’t happen if careful.” And then he asks in retort: “Don’t you feel guilty for causing inconvenience to our master. You make it impossible for them to engage in active exercise because of your fragileness and inflexibility.”

Pro side was against: “How could you say that! People have to spend time cleaning and maintaining you. You are the ones who are responsible for the trouble.”

Con side still argued: “We provide a chance for those who suffer from the burden of the thick frame and long for beauty. We are going to replace you. Time will tell.”

I was dizzy about their words while the debate was continuing and it didn’t seem to be over soon. “Love of beauty is a part of human nature, but health is more important to a better life. Don’t you agree?” my eyeglasses smiled and said. “Of course, the fit is the best.” At this very moment what I wanted to tell my dear glasses is: “My friend, there are no glasses like you.”