A Self-introduction of a Pair of Glasses

Hi, guys! I’m a pair of glasses. There’s no doubt that you don’t know much about me. Are you curious about me? Now I’ll introduce my family and myself to you.

At first, I’d like to tell you something about my older sister, reading glasses. She is made up of two lenses, two pieces of curved glass or plastic which make things look bigger. Most of the old needs her help to see things nearby better; for example, they usually use her when they do some reading. I guess that’s why her name is reading glasses.

Then I’d like to introduce myself. I’m just on the contrary of my sister. As you know, I’m also made up of lenses, but the lenses are two pieces of curved glass or plastic that make things look smaller. In this case, I’m suited to most young people. And I have a much more fashionable appearance than reading glasses. Children even think other youngsters who wear glasses look smarter and are more honest than those who don’t wear glasses, according to a U.S study of 80 children. Look, I’m really popular among the young.

Following his the time for my younger sister, prescription sunglasses. She’s a pair of dark glasses that you wear to protect your eyes when the sun is very bright. She has a fashionable appearance and is popular among all the people. Superstars like to wear her when they go out in case of recognized by others. And most travelers need her to protect their eyes. She’s so useful and popular that many name brand designers like to do style designing for her. Oh! I’m really jealous of her.

Lastly, I’d like to talk about my younger brother, contact lenses. He’s a pair of small curved pieces of plastic that fit closely to your eyes to help you see well. He’s much younger than me. But he’s the most popular of us. For most people, contact lenses become a necessity. They wear them when working, shopping, socializing, and even sleeping. Compared with me, he’s less affected by wet weather and is more suitable for sporting activities. What’s more, he can improve the wearer’s appearance. Every coin has two sides. Contact lenses sometimes will cause infection if you don’t wash them regularly. And people with dry eyes had better not wear him.

Then, do you guys know more about us? I hope you can make better use of us.